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Brenda has always been a great artist in many mediums, voted class artist in high school (she never refused a request to make posters). She continued with fine arts in college and a life changing course on carving. Alan has worked in every type of construction, from boat building and home building to heavy construction.

In 1976 Alan was working remodeling a fabric store on Rt. 1, they needed a sign and were hoping to have a hand carved old fashion sewing machine and letters that were carved and gilded. Alan said “We could do that” and studied the best ways to do it. That first sign like all their others came out wonderful. It was still there when they went by a few years ago.

They have been making signs for thirty years. For the early years it served as a part time job as they raised their five children. In 1983 the demand had grown into a full time business. When they first started they were hand letterers and in 1993 as vinyl graphics came into sign making Brenda studied into computers. “In this trade it is important to always stay up with changes” Lately they have added digital printing and 3 dimentional computer routering. Over the years they have learned all aspects of sign making.

Since 2007 their son Jamie, has been working in the shop full time. After going to school for film making he decided to join the family business. His knowledge of computers has greatly helped to expand the company forward into the digital age. While not at work Jamie plays in two local bands, guitar in Gruvenwood, a rock band and mandolin in Puddn'head, a bluegrass group. He has also started working in the pit of local communty theater groups playing guitar and bass.

We have always thought our visual environment day to day is important. Being New Englanders, we think we know what people like to look at. There is a Wonderful blend of color, shapes and installations that go into all our work.

They have made many friends thru the years and believe it is important to be involved and work with community groups to help them with their projects that make this area have the quality of life that makes it so special.

Alan, Brenda and Jamie would like to thank all of their customers past, present and future and their wonderful community for their love and support. They feel overwhelmingly fortunate to be able to work with each other and for you all. They would love to meet you and help you with your project.

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