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Alan and Brenda Buonaiuto met in 1969 in Ipswich, Massachusetts where they both went to school. Alan worked at a paint store and Brenda would come in and buy art supplies. A friend said Alan was standing with him one day and said “See that girl, some day I’m going to marry her.”

They were married in 1973, lived and worked around the united States and decided to try sailing. They had a 25' sailboat and spent several summers on it sailing out of Gloucester, MA. In 1978 after spending a winter in Florida, a friend told them of a cottage on Orr’s Island, Maine that they could stay the summer. Little did they realize their stay thru Labor Day would end up being decades long, three homes, five children (all grown now) and a business. They still sail and have the same free attitude as always.

Jamie the second eldest and only boy of the five Buonaiuto children was born in Durham, and has grown up in the shop. Whether he was going on business trips to town with Alan, making some extra money digging holes for installations or selling kids in High School stickers to extra lunch money, the sign business was always a place of comfort. In addition to the joy he has playing music, he also has inherited the family travel bug.



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